Which is the best barcode for your needs?


Which is the best barcode for your needs?


Barcode printers are the necessary devices supporting modern automatic identification systems, thanks to which you can mark legibly, aesthetically and

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Barcode printers are the necessary devices supporting modern automatic identification systems, thanks to which you can mark legibly, aesthetically and, above all, permanently all company property. They enable barcode printing with additional information in the form of graphics or text on the various types of barcodes available. Printing is possible in two technologies: thermal printing or thermal transfer printing, which is best suited for marking fixed assets due to its resistance to abrasion.

Advantages of barcode printers

» Modern construction

» easy installation and operation

» low operating costs

» small size

» mobility

Which Barcode Printer you should choose?

It is not an easy task; everyone who is faced with this problem for the first time knows it. The variety of equipment, even within the offer of one manufacturer, a lot of parameters, configuration options make the customer a real headache.

To systematize this diversity, let’s look at the categories of barcode printer in Chandigarh. So there are: mobile, desktop, semi-industrial, industrial printers and color barcode printers. This division results from the needs of their use and the possibilities they offer when printing barcodes. So how do you choose the right one?

Selection is a complex process. It is mainly based on the most important parameters resulting from the company’s needs. It is easy to make a mistake and choose a printer that will be insufficient for the needs of production or warehouse, which will inevitably lead to the replacement of the printer with a different model. And the same the other way. An overly complicated industrial model will not work in a place where printing is sporadic and a printer with too complicated parameters not only will not be fully used, but will also generate costs (purchase and service, which are higher), and make problems in operation (need for training, frequent operating errors, etc.).

What Is It: Desk Or Semi-Industrial barcode printer?

To answer this question, you need to know the answer how much we will actually print, preferably on a monthly basis, because this is how printers are described later, or the seller or consultant will ask about it. Desktop printers are definitely small series if you print sporadically. Semi-industrial, if the quantity is greater and printing is fairly regular. Industrial, if the barcodes are a permanent part of the production and / or storage process and the frequency of printing is continuous.

Each printer is designed to print an estimated number of barcodes – in industrial printers, consumables (heads, rollers) and other elements are adapted to work almost continuously, so they can easily handle the printing of a large number of barcodes. The undoubted advantage of desktop printers with best restaurant management software in Patiala is their size (they are small) and the fact that they allow you to fit a shorter roll of barcodes or a thermal transfer ribbon, but their heads are not adapted to printing more barcodes continuously.

For Years Or For Ever?

So how long will the barcode last. Here, industrial, semi-industrial and desktop printers are available in either thermal or thermal transfer versions. The first one allows you to print thermal and paper barcodes, is economical and these printers are cheaper, but the print is not as durable as in the case of thermal transfer (i.e. using an ink ribbon). An additional advantage of thermal transfer printers is that they allow barcodes to be printed both thermally and with the use of an ink ribbon. The downside is the higher price and the frequent need to replace the roll of thermal transfer ribbon as a consumable.