Everything you need to know about content marketing


Everything you need to know about content marketing


In the world of marketing, high-quality content has always been a value. Content marketing has been gaining popularity for years, and today it is the

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In the world of marketing, high-quality content has always been a value. Content marketing has been gaining popularity for years, and today it is the most important element of marketing activities. Good content helps with SEO activities, increases sales in online stores, and convinces customers to brands that did not exist until recently in the minds of customers.

It is a capacious, but also quite a precise definition. As you can see, content marketing is not about creating any content. They must be valuable.

It is exactly the same in online stores, and those without relevant content are basically unable to compete on the market. Nobody will just notice them. It is SEO content marketing at Ducima Analytics private limited that determines the position in search results. Properly prepared content can make the website of your store a clearly visible response to the most frequently entered queries and phrases (i.e. keywords) related to the industry.

However, content is extremely important not only because of SEO support

Valuable content is also an important element in building the brand image, contributing to an indirect increase in sales, e.g. by increasing trust in the brand.

No matter how much you invest in AdWords, display advertising, or social media communication, one of the most significant sources of visits to your store is most likely organic traffic coming directly from the search engine.

It’s traffic that usually converts well, so you should focus on increasing your organic visits. The surest method, of course, is to rank as high as possible for keywords related to your store’s assortment.

Don’t count on positioning tricks

Their times are gone forever, and commercial traffic on the Internet is growing every year. The only way to long-term high positions in the search results is the publication of appropriately matched content (helpful for users and readable for Google algorithms) and its active promotion on the web.

An e-shop page is a specific type of website. A significant part of organic traffic is related to inquiries about a specific product or a specific product category. When the searcher’s intentions include a purchase or use of a service, it means that he or she uses sales phrases.

However, online store owners often forget that most searchers do not lead directly to a purchase. Before making a decision, potential customers want to know as much as possible. For this purpose, they use informational phrases.

How to optimize content in content marketing?

Content marketing in 2020 is a creative mix of technology and creativity. On the one hand, it is enough to create inspiring content (the holy grail of all content designers), on the other – it’s great to navigate Google tools, the ad manager, analyze, and draw the right conclusions. The mere knowledge of these programs is a lot, and a good content designer knows what meta description, long tail, key phrase compaction, bot, IBL, nofollow, and do-follow are.

Guide your readers with internal links

It is your responsibility to guide the reader through the content you have created and thus engage him, i.e. to increase the depth of the visit. Of course, you can do this with internal links and Ducima Analytics reviews.

Prepare a list of the most popular resources (posts, videos, infographics) to know which subpages/topics to send your readers to. Suppose the user’s entry page is an article about what a content marketing strategy is. Naturally, you encourage him (with a link) to go to the next related post – e.g. a guide to the process of creating a strategy or service of your agency.