CEH training helps to become a certified Ethical Hacker


CEH training helps to become a certified Ethical Hacker


Every day, millions of institutions around the world fall victim to hacker attacks. A new hacker attack happens in almost every 39 seconds. Cybercrimi

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Every day, millions of institutions around the world fall victim to hacker attacks. A new hacker attack happens in almost every 39 seconds. Cybercriminals they work for different reasons. For many, it is an opportunity to get rich, thanks to the obtained data, a chance for publicity or simply causing chaos for their own satisfaction. The best of them develop independent, unknown to other people methods of breaking in. More than once, however, attacks are carried out by hackers with mediocre security knowledge, who can use well-known tools for this purpose.

Hackers independently create worms, viruses, and Trojan horses, look for holes in operating systems and programs, break authorization systems and look for vulnerabilities in computer networks. They can take control of the system remotely, thus gaining all the necessary permissions. They skillfully cover all traces, impersonate and search for all data that ends up in computers, e.g. credit card numbers, payment card numbers. Internet criminals take advantage of the ignorance of basic security rules, naivety, and recklessness. It turns out, however, that anyone can fall victim to it – from a private user to a state institution, which, as it might seem, is perfectly secured.

That is why it is so important that CEH training in Middle East is broadly educated in hacking techniques and able to act like a cybercriminal. CEH needs to understand how hackers operate, how they interfere with security systems. Additionally, they must be very knowledgeable about the latest hardware, security threats and malware. One of the tasks of an ethical hacker is to create scripts that can simulate attacks to see how the current security is working. Each attempt must be analyzed in detail, reported, and assessed what the security breach risk is.

Highly knowledgeable

An ethical hacker should be deeply familiar with the infrastructure of the company on which he operates and the types of financial and business processes that take place within it. He needs to know the places where specific data appear in order to additionally protect it. A good CEH is characterized by both hard and soft competencies. It cannot only be oriented towards technical processes but also relations. CEH consults clients and explains security issues to other team members, and knows social engineering that may pose a threat to cybersecurity. CCNA course in Qatar also demonstrates strategic thinking – its task is to develop strategies to combat attacks.

To become an ethical hacker, receive appropriate training. Thanks to it, you learn the skills necessary to perform system tests and penetration, check system weaknesses and gaps, and teach you how to prevent cyber attacks. The course provides thorough training in current security systems. However, good CEH should constantly update his knowledge. After completing the training, he has to do on his own to know the current problems and industry news. People who can undergo training include website administrators, network security inspectors, and network security specialists. Thanks to the training, participants will gain knowledge about how to prevent illegal hacking activities, what are the risks associated with breaking into the system, and how the tools used by hackers work.