Blockchain As A Service
Finance Technology

Blockchain As A Service

Blockchain As A Service. Ideum Tokens are Trading Tokens, a smart currency specially designed to work with online marketplaces providing a safer and decentralized platform where users on both sides of the transaction conduct business using Smart Contracts. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans Blockchain technology offers great advantages for companies of . . . click to read more

Wellness Technology

Skills Living – Breakthrough Web Based Tool Available For Youth and Young Adults with Autism

Skills Living is a breakthrough web based tool available for youth and young adults with autism.   According to an October 2016 report by the panel on Youth with Autism from the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), a half a million youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder will enter . . . click to read more


#BOSSBABE CEO Natalie Ellis

#BOSSBABE CEO Natalie Ellis believes in dreaming big, working hard and collaborating with other women. The #BOSSBABE mission is to inspire and support women to turn their dreams into reality through building successful businesses. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans Natalie Ellis is the CEO of #BOSSBABE, one of the largest movements . . . click to read more

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