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TradeStation – Your Broker Wherever You Go

TradeStation – Your Broker Wherever You Go

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, the curiosity and interest in how such systems work grows, along with further research.

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Although companies such as Bitcoin have acquired their success without the widespread use of the internet and modern technology, TradeStation now gives old and new traders the opportunity to research through all sorts of companies with easy-to-use tools and services from anywhere, whether at home or on-the-go.

Using real-time analytic tools to monitor and rank markets TradeStation creates a high-quality experience for all kinds of investors; the experience only gets better because as an online broker TradeStation generates more interest than any other broker.

TradeStation“For access to advanced, comprehensive research, TradeStation earns high marks. More than 150 indicators are included with the TradeStation platform (and many more can be downloaded or created). Investors can back-test strategies using historical market data that includes more than 90 years of daily data and decades of intra-day data. Notifications alert users to upcoming earnings announcements or important market moves based on their positions.” – Nerd Wallet Review

While it’s true that there are other online brokers out there, what makes TradeStation so special is its history and innovations.

Founded in 1982 by William and Raphael Cruz, TradeStation began with two brothers testing and designing their trading strategies and ideas.TradeStation

Their success is the establishment of Omega Research, later becoming TradeStation, which created trading strategy software enabling other traders to optimize their own trading tactics.

Now, TradeStation has even come as far as to create other software and tools for traders, including EasyLanguage: a programming language that is much easier to learn than other programming, allowing all people to understand their trades without needing special computer training.

“Apt for advanced traders due to its full-feature trading platform, advanced trading tools, some leeway for D-I-Y investing with programming and a lot of data to manipulate, this brokerage also keeps active investors happy with relatively benign commissions. It does not shut out beginners altogether, by offering them webinars and online lectures on their trading platform and tools and other investment strategies, although less active among this class of investors may be put off by the higher commissions. For institutional investors, TradeStation provides team desk coverage and brokerage and execution services.” – BenZinga Review

As mentioned before, TradeStation is the perfect broker for both old and new traders alike. Having impeccable customer service, and allowing users to participate in forums and chats, TradeStation caters to every need of their users. They also offer services for new traders to familiarize themselves with the aspects of trading, providing lectures, tutorials, and books on top of the already existing forums and videos from other people.


While TradeStation doesn’t have any new cryptocurrency trading products to announce yet,” James Putra Director of Product and Strategy. The company is focused on offering bitcoin exchange-traded funds if they become available and is looking at ways to enable direct trading of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

“Doing the latter is complicated,” said Putra, because TradeStation has to first learn how to manage a customer’s cryptocurrency wallet before it can offer direct trading. “We’re exploring other avenues to provide access to this market to customers,” said Putra. “We’re working on a number of things to figure out what avenue makes the most sense.”

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As for push-back from critics of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies who call it a bubble, James disagrees. While the expectations and excitement may be getting ahead of reality, he said that cryptocurrencies will evolve and will be adopted by more and more people. “We’re seeing a lot of different firms engaged with it. Normally, when a company goes public, the biggest institutions and banks get access and then it trickles down. With blockchain, the mass market gets access to it first. Institutions aren’t sure what to do and how to play this.

TradeStationTradeStation shines in creating programs and software that are user-friend.

Expand and give customers support to rollover IRAs and improve the mobile apps for a better trading experience.

“While TradeStation does offer support for all trading types, including forex and futures, this review focuses on TradeStation’s equities and options offerings. There are three different commission structures to select from for equities (Flat-Fee, Per-Share, and Unbundled) and two for options (Flat-Fee, Per-Share).” – StockBrokers Review

Now lets discuss starting January 22, 2018 you can win a $5,000 grand prize from their new Trading Challenge. In a total of 4 weeks you can enter in a chance to match your trading plans with other traders in a challenges created just for this event.

The TradeStation Trading Challenge will be held over a four-week period beginning Monday, January 22, 2018. The challenge is open to U.S. residents in qualifying states who are current non-professional TradeStation equities account holders or who open and fund a new TradeStation equities account.

“Whether you trade stocks, ETFs, options or futures, TradeStation’s award-winning tools and brokerage services can give you the confidence to achieve your goals.”

Each participant will compete by trading exchange-listed stocks and ETFs using a simulated equities trading account created just for this challenge.

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Results will be updated on the Leaderboard each day at 5 p.m. EST. Each account will be judged by the percentage value gained during each week’s round, and will be reset at the conclusion of that round.

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