Founder World Blockchain Conference September 7 – 8

Founder World Blockchain Conference

blockchain conference

Founder World, the largest community blockchain conference hosted by F50, SVE, F50 Ventures, Blockchain Founder Club, and US China Blockchain Association announced the Top 20 Blockchain Startups as the finalists for its Founder World Championship startup competition.

The Top 20 list are from the United States, Canada and China.

The Founder World Championship Committee, together with a group of community partners, evaluated over couple hundred startups and identified the top 20 companies.

The Top 20 Startups are listed in alphabetical order:

  • Alza
  • Beam
  • ChanceChain
  • The Digital Reserve P.B.C.
  • Enumera
  • Equiti Games
  • Frequency Music Foundation
  • Random Chain
  • SEAL
  • Seva Exchange Corporation
  • Social Chains
  • Taurus0x
  • Yesbit
  • YottaChain
  • Zeehaus

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During the Founder World conference on September 7 and 8, the Top 20 startups will present to a group of over 20 well respected judges and over 200 investors who will vote the championship which will win the $2M investment in the form of crypto & services.

“We are excited to include some of the most promising blockchain companies from around the world in the Top 20 startups list. They are tackling a variety of interesting use-cases pushing towards the next wave of innovation in blockchain technology,” said Jim Steele, Venture Partner of F50 Ventures and Secretary General of the selection committee.

The Judges are composed from professional VCs, Angeles, Media, and experts.

Founder World 2018 is the Silicon Valley Bay Area’s largest, community-based public event dedicated to blockchain developers and early-stage founders.

Hosted by F50, SVE, F50 Ventures, Blockchain Founder Club, US China Blockchain Association. Thousands of founders, developers, community leaders, 300+ investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and around the globe will gather to engage with industry experts, network with potential partners and see groundbreaking new companies that will define our future.

F50 is a venture capital platform focused on finding extraordinary startups in Silicon Valley and investing in them with its network of global capital. F50’s produces events including Global Capital Summi, Synergy Blockchain Summit, and Founder World and offers products and services such as the F50 Report, Corporate Services, and the F50 Ventures Fund.


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