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Editor’s Letter October 2017



Tech News

Dear Los Angeles Technology News Organization community and growing global following,

It’s so good to be speaking to you again.

It’s already November and only six months since posting our first piece of content and we already have over a million three page views between twenty thousand users across a hundred and fifty countries. That’s amazing!

Our viewership is growing because we deliver unique content focused on the growing tech community in the L.A. area, and we’ve only just begun.

Throughout the next quarter we will focus on the fintech sector diving into why it’s taking over traditional financial institutions with the changing generations? Why are remittance transfers prospering within the fintech sector and problematic in traditional institutions? How are large diverse workforce communities like Los Angeles helping fuel fintech solutions?

Being back in school Education and tech will also be focused on in the coming months. How has technology impacted education and the learning process and what companies are delivering superior edtech solutions for our children, educators and families?

The pros and cons of technology in relationships and the impact of technology on our children.

The Los Angeles real estate market continues to be a hot market and technology has only escalated it.

We will uncover those on the cutting edge of real estate and construction technology and ask them the benefits of technology in both and the impact of technology in their field. We will go deep into the battle raging between the real life human real estate agent and the real estate technology that is trying to fossilize their very existence. 

We will also bring awareness to the crippling disease of alcoholism and addiction. How technology has positively impacted the recovery process and why Los Angeles has such a strong and healthy recovery community?

LA Tech News will begin the fund raising process in support of the Los Angeles recovery community and will ask all of our readers for help. A dedicated page on our site will be set up solely for this fund raising purpose with monthly donation updates and all funds being donated on a quarterly basis to a selected non-profit in the Los Angeles area.

Lastly, Los Angeles Technology News Organization has over 25 affiliate partnerships that we value as this is our strategy to never charge a fee to access our content.

Our priority and goal is to always provide FREE access to our valuable and unique content.

Help me deliver the content you enjoy at LA Tech News by spreading the word and becoming my brand ambassador.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Tech News

Richard Bartram

Editor’s Letter July 2017

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