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Editor’s Letter July 2017



Tech News

Dear Los Angeles Technology News Organization community and growing global following,

Hello, I am Richard Bartram and I am proud to be collaborating as Editor in Chief with Los Angeles Technology News Organization.

Business, communications and FREE access to digest reliable and honest information is my passion and technology has enhanced them all for me, in a positive way.

Technology personally has allowed me to stay close to family and friends (most important) spread across three continents while staying connected. That’s me in the pic relying on technology at an elevation 7,972 in the middle of Andes mountains on Machu Picchu.

Staying connected and delivering a platform that offers an honest, reliable and trustworthy source of information is what I want to create and deliver for FREE.

Why Los Angeles and why technology?

Los Angeles is quickly becoming the hottest tech community and tech scene on the planet. Los Angeles’s economy is the sixth largest in the world and tech companies are either flocking here or they are being created here.

Why another media publication?

I’m not finding the news information about the more than 27 million small businesses in the United States. Instead I continually read about the 18,500 big businesses with more than 500 employees.

Anyone can find and read about Google, Snap, Instagram or any GIANT tech behemoth in any media publication and everyone is exhausted of reading generic and non actionable news information.

I will change that starting with my Los Angeles community with Los Angeles Technology News Organization.

We procure actionable and news worthy information through our highly skilled network of more than 900 business sales professionals working intimately on a daily basis with the businesses you and I want to read and learn about. Allowing me to provide the most current and actionable news information possible.

I want to read content that focuses on the real businesses in our community.

Readers want a source of current and actionable news information based on businesses in their community and Los Angeles Technology News Organization delivers that.

We will also cover and report on social causes and causes we support like minority women in business, human rights, child care education and protection, economic empowerment and others like drug and alcohol addiction to mental health support. 

All issues we face here in our Los Angeles community and globally. Technology has impacted and will continue to positively impact our causes as long as we create a diverse community that supports them.

I look forward to serving you and delivering you the absolute best news information possible.

Best regards,

Tech News

Richard Bartram

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