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Dear Los Angeles Technology News Organization community and growing global following,

Hello again and thank you.

We reached a milestone of 100 published tech articles on LA Tech News and we could not have done it without you.

As our tech community grows so does the desire for technology news NOT covered by other traditional media outlets. I personally get in excess of 150 emails per day with tech topics NOT being covered looking for an outlet to give them exposure on a globally recognized platform.

We have seen that sales professionals and business professionals make up the majority of almost 50,000 strong LA Tech News community. Our data shows that working professionals are turning to LA Tech News as a fresh news source for mining actionable information that ultimately results in increased sales and business for our readers.

We are excited to serve our technology news community and will soon be expanding. More news to come on that later.

We are passionate about delivering information that is accurate and actionable for today’s busy working professional.

I recently had the opportunity to travel across country and interact with many tech professionals in all verticals from robotics to drones and everything in between.

A massive surge in Smart Home devices is flooding the landscape and transforming how we interact with technology. Gone are the days of typing, voice and facial recognition has changed the model and we have entered a whole new era.

Privacy concerns to data breaches and organizations are taking it upon themselves to protect consumer data.

Internet security and access are also hot buttons with players like Viasat Satellite Internet and SpaceX giving consumers access to quality and reliable internet service for rural areas and or military applications.

Wireless internet access is a game many major players are getting into in order to jockey for the dominant market position. Applications for low cost wireless internet access for developing areas is critical for engaging with and the delivery of information.

Service providers like FreedomPop and mobile broadband applications are allowing certain consumer segments to have completely free access to mobile internet services. Something only possible because of technology advances.

The months to come will be exciting.

June marks one year since publishing our first piece of content and we are excited to continue to deliver our community actionable and accurate tech news and information.

Thanks for all the continued support and look forward to speaking with you again soon.

Best regards,

Tech News

Richard Bartram

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